nathan_long (nathan_long) wrote,

I've joined a club!

So, I'm part of a cool new thing.

Mike Stackpole has come up with a new online anthology project called the Wanderers’ Club Chain Story. It’s a series of ripping adventure stories written by well-known authors from different genres. The stories are meant to evoke the tall tales told over cigars and brandy in the smoking room of an adventurers’ club, and range from straight-up action to tales of the eerie and the fantastic.

I am one of the first four authors who were chosen to participate, and I couldn't be more proud. This is a fun project and a great way to sample the works of writers of which you might not yet be aware. So far the chain includes stories from founder Mike Stackpole, Jeff Mariotte, Bob Vardeman and me.

Read my story by clicking on the Working Stiffs title graphic above, or go to the Wanderers' Club Chain Story page by clicking on the banner below. Lots more great stories there!

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